An awesome vinyl – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]

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Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion)

  • 2009 SubPop

Marking the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana s debut album, Sub Pop will re-issue the Platinum Certified Bleach on November 3, 2009. This expanded double-LP will include a never-before-released live performance, special packaging and the first run of the double-LP will be on 180g white vinyl (the first run of the original LP was also on white vinyl). Originally recorded over three sessions with producer Jack Endino at Seattle s Reciprocal Recording Studios in December 1988 and January 1989, Bleach wa

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5 Responses to “An awesome vinyl – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]”

  1. Juan Fuentes says:

    Another record, reviewed by Juan Fuentes – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]
    I suppose that, If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you’re already a Nirvana fan, and you might be wondering if this reissue is worth buying. Or maybe you’re new into Nirvana, and want to know if this one is a good place to start. Whoever you are, I highly recommend you get this CD, and I’ll tell you why.

    If you’re a Nirvana fan, let me tell you two things. First, the whole record sounds better. Of course, it won’t sound “Produced in 2009” better, but the songs do sound better compared with my old Bleach CD. Second, the live tracks and picture booklet are worth the spend just by themselves. I am amazed at how a 1990 Sub Pop live recording sounds that good. “Sappy” is one of my favorite Nirvana songs, and the live version here is just amazing. Again, it’s not “2009 produced” sound quality, but hey, 1990, three instruments, one voice. Grunge at its best. What’s not to like? Buy it.

    If you’re new to Nirvana, the obvious advice would be to tell you to get Nirvana’s “Nevermind” first. You probably have heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” already. so you should get that one, right? Well, not at all. I think it would be a greater experience if you get Bleach first (this Deluxe Edition, while you’re at it), so you can see where this band came from in the first place. You will find yourself attracted to the raw and dark emotion of songs like “Blew”, “School”, “Negative Creep” or the haunting “Paper Cuts”, and you will be amazed that Nirvana could also put some good pop-rock songs like “About A Girl” or “Love Buzz” on the same CD. Or you’ll just simply love songs like “Sifting” and “Downer”, like I do, just because. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to hear some of these songs live, on the same disc. When you have experienced that, and liked that, you’ll be in a greater state of mind to buy “Nevermind” and be blown away.

    On a more particular note, I own a lot of reissues from other bands, specially from bands that have been around for longer than I have been alive. Usually, they’ll throw in 2-4 demos or live tracks, that are ussually not as interesting as the album, and a booklet with plenty of words of wisdom from the band or people close to it. What really makes this Bleach edition stand out is the inclusion of a whole concert, and the booklet with all the pictures that do a good work into bringing you back to that era. As I said before, the bonuses are worth the spend.

    I would also like to correct a fellow reviewer. This live show existed on bootleg form, though not complete (look for the bootleg “World Without End”). Needless to say, the bootleg sounds like crap compared to the sound quality of this Deluxe Edition of Bleach.

    Again, highly recommended. And a good price too. Get it.

  2. T. Nelson says:

    Another record, reviewed by T. Nelson – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]
    I Picked up this edition of the classic debut from Nirvana today. Really does sound great! All of the original album tracks sound like they have been treated with great respect in the remastering process. The extended packaging is great. Because, lets face it, the original “Bleach” packaging left something to be desired… And to top it all off, an awesome “Bleach” era concert! One that, in all my bootleg collecting years, I have not yet heard.

    If you’re a fan, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this “20th Anniversary Edition of “Bleach”! You won’t regret it 😉

  3. Music Fan says:

    Another record, reviewed by Music Fan – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]
    I can say I am not disappointed with the re-release of Nirvana’s debut album “bleach”. The packaging is very well done and it contains a booklet with a LOT of never seen pictures from the band back in 1989-90. It even contains I believe all the pictures that were taken to promote the album back then. You get one CD with a remastered version of the album that sounds pretty darn good. It is followed by the audio of an entire live concert that was recorded back in 1990. I had never heard live versions of songs like “sappy” and “molly’s lips” so I was pretty impressed with this. The sound of the concert is also excellent. Overall a very good product. They didn’t mess with the fans.

  4. T. Herremans says:

    Another record, reviewed by T. Herremans – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]
    You can really tell it was remastered.. It sounds great. crisp. high in detail. Buy it now to get the limited wax. Also just so you are clear, the amazon picture shows the CD next to the album, leading you to believe maybe it comes with it. However, it does not. It does come with a digital download registration though, which I won’t need since I bought the CD version of this release also. Which sounds great too, noticeably “different” sounding, but in a good way.

  5. Michael A. Albert says:

    Another record, reviewed by Michael A. Albert – Bleach (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edtion) [Vinyl]
    Chad Channing seems like a nice enough chap. While this certainly isn’t Nirvana’s best or most recognized lineup, Channing’s drumming on these songs just seems right. Maybe it’s from having this album memorized, but I think there’s something more to it. His playing is unique, and it lends these songs a certain scuffling, amateurish honesty.

    On the bonus live material recorded in 1990 in Portland, Nirvana plays a quick set, including Sappy, Molly’s Lips, and Dive. There isn’t a lot of quality Nirvana live material available from this period, and this is clearly the best live recording I’ve heard from this period.

    All in all, Bleach is a classic record. The remaster crispens it up a bit. And the live tracks are essential for any Nirvana fan. It’s a wonder they never thought of this earlier.

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