An awesome vinyl – Dookie [180g Vinyl LP]

By , May 20, 2010 7:43 am


Available for the first time on vinyl, this is Dookie in all glory along with the original liner notes. ©2008 Reprise

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Price: $ 17.35

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3 Responses to “An awesome vinyl – Dookie [180g Vinyl LP]”

  1. Ryan says:

    Another record, reviewed by Ryan – Dookie [180g Vinyl LP]
    I owned Dookie on a cassette tape that my sister recorded from her cd when it first came out. Then i bought the CD for myself, and it was the first CD i ever owned. I must have listened to it 500 times.

    So now I own it on vinyl and wow – the band sounds totally different. You can understand the vocals. From the very first drum hits in burnout the sound from this record make your room rock like the band is performing live right in front of you. The harmonies are very pronounced you’ll sware somebody hid guitar amps in your room – that’s how clear the guitar is.

    I highly recommend you buy this. If you don’t have a record player (like I didn’t), go buy one and get this record!

  2. Michael L. Malta says:

    Another record, reviewed by Michael L. Malta – Dookie [180g Vinyl LP]
    On vinyl and newly released on 180gram. You need to hear what you are missing with digital sound. This album brings you into the studio.

  3. Henry Flores Ramos says:

    Another record, reviewed by Henry Flores Ramos – Dookie [180g Vinyl LP]
    The vinyl is ok (180 gr!!), the sound is almost good (I would rather louder)but the package is so poor, there is no any booklet!!!!

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