An awesome vinyl – Gruv-Glide II

By , October 27, 2010 8:20 am

Gruv-Glide II

  • Easy To Use, Improves Record Fidelity,Records & Stylii Last Longer
  • Removes Static ,Cleans Records,Improves Tracking
  • One Application Per Record Side
  • Treats 150 Records Per Kit (Used As Directed)

Genuine GRUV-GLIDE is the original dry record treatment that makes records sound better. GRUV-GLIDE was developed by people who love music and love playing records!

GRUV-GLIDE is a patented and trademarked dry record treatment developed in the late 1970’s by Irwin and Bennett Rowe. a father and son team who owned and operated highly successful high-end audio stores in the Southwest.

Irwin, a famous electrical engineer and superb trumpet player and musician, loved playing records but was gene

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Price: $ 23.50

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5 Responses to “An awesome vinyl – Gruv-Glide II”

  1. Manoj Iyer says:

    Another record, reviewed by Manoj Iyer – Gruv-Glide II
    Although its hard to tell the difference on clean records, but it made a big difference on dusty old records. I have treated over 500 records with this product now.

  2. Nick says:

    Another record, reviewed by Nick – Gruv-Glide II
    I notice no improvement whatsoever. If anything, all this product did is make the pops and crackles on my older records more pronounced and noticeable than before.

    Revised: I’m upping this to 3 stars. I’ve been listening to a few of the records I’ve treated, and I have to say that I do hear an improvement in fidelity. However, any noise/scratches on a record that didn’t come out with a cleaning will get an improvement in fidelity too–in other words, they will be clearer and sharper. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

  3. Vincent Raptor says:

    Another record, reviewed by Vincent Raptor – Gruv-Glide II
    I have used, and continue to use several expensive record cleaners and preservative products. And I strongly belive in vacuum record cleaning machines. That said, Gruv-Glide is an excellent product that improves the sound and the physical appearance of each record. It moves the rating upward a notch — from say a VG+ to a Mint-. All the while you can feel that the stylus is actually moving through the vinyl with less upset and less drag. I was badly mistaken for not trying this product sooner, and I do appreciate what the manufacturer has accomplished. Sure, I would rather not pay $30 a can — but I must admit it is well worth it for the benefits received. And no – I don’t have any relationship with the product maker. Bill

  4. Dave™ says:

    Another record, reviewed by Dave™ – Gruv-Glide II
    Essential for vinyl collectors and djs. I use this stuff on every record. That said, at the time I’m writing this review the listed price is outrageous. You can easily find it for $25-30 a can.

  5. Scott the dj says:

    Another record, reviewed by Scott the dj – Gruv-Glide II
    This is a good product but remember it doesn’t get rid of scratches on the records. It gets the dirt out of the grooves and if you need to put another coat if the first doesn’t work which it probably will the put another coat on it. If your record has a lot of reall deep down dirt that has been in the grooves for a long time it might not do the job but for record owners who keep thier albums in good condition then this is a good cleaner to use. I also use another for the albums that are not in bad shape and just need a nice clean but i forgot what the name of it is. oh well lol

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