Are You Experienced (Vinyl) plus one more awesome record

By , May 21, 2010 6:37 am

Are You Experienced

  • 2010 Experience Hendrix

The debut release from The Jimi Hendrix Experience is widely regarded as the greatest, most influential debut release from any artist. When first released in 1967, Are You Experienced turned the music world upside down as Hendrix showed everyone exactly what it meant to be ‘experienced.’ Remastered from the original 2-track mixdown master tapes, this expanded 17-song collection features the ageless classics “Purple Haze,” “Red House,” “Stone Free,” “Hey Joe,” and “Are You Experienced.”

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Meet The BEATLES Vinyl LP Record

First Beatle Recording.

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6 Responses to “Are You Experienced (Vinyl) plus one more awesome record”

  1. Eugene says:

    Another record, reviewed by Eugene – Are You Experienced (Vinyl)
    I just wanted to point out that item description on Amazon is incorrect for this 2010 vinyl reissue. It should only include those tracks on the original US edition.

    About sound quality – I own the tri-color original and this one hands down sounds incomparably better! Amazing clarity of voice, instruments, bass is in a right place – just a perfect balance! Balance is a key word here. To me it is the best sounding Hendrix ever. And it is not easy for me to say that because in 99.9% I prefer originals or early pressings to reissues. This reissue may just change my mind. Highest recommendations! P.S. Listened on Project-Debut III with ortofon 5E.

  2. Greg Beams says:

    Another record, reviewed by Greg Beams – Are You Experienced (Vinyl)
    I have listened to Jimi for a long time and while I have purchased some of the various non-studio releases that the Hendrix estate put out over the years I was always dissapointed because I just didn’t think the sound lived up to the impact and mix of Jimi’s three studio albums. When I learned that they were remastering the studio albums I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I could not be happier with the amazing sound, clarity and overall musical balance that these albums possess. On many of the less well known tracks they were able to clean up a lot of the noise that otherwise obscured some of the softer instrumentation or vocals without reducing the impact of the Hendrix sound. While on certain standards like Purple Haze it is harder to appreciate the changes because I suspect I consider the noise to be part of the unique sound of this track (when in reality it was simply noise from the poor recording equipment used at the time) I have to say that overall this album is a real experience that Hendrix fans won’t want to miss.

    If you are fortunate enough to have a decent turntable and system then I would highly encourage you to get this all analog remastering from the original tapes. It is worth the price and lets you hear this great album with a new appreciation for the Hendrix magic. Highly Recommended.

  3. Vinyl Eddy says:

    Another record, reviewed by Vinyl Eddy – Are You Experienced (Vinyl)
    This reissue really blew me away. We all know the songs and have heard them throughout our life. On this vinyl, I hear so much more than I’m used to. My favorite is “Wind Cries Mary” because I’ve never heard it sound so good. If you want to convince someone that vinyl is superior, this album might just do it.

  4. Dave Sigmon says:

    Another record, reviewed by Dave Sigmon – Meet The BEATLES Vinyl LP Record
    The overwhelming impact in America of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” backed by the superb joyful rocker “I Saw Her Standing There” cannot be disputed. The Beatles new revolution of modernizing rock & roll begins here. But this record is much more than the power of that double-sided single.

    The music matters first here with its inventive chord changes, switching from major to minor and back again. But close behind, this record allows the listener to glimpse into the personalities of each band member. Paul provides eternal optimism in “All My Loving”. George’s moody “Don’t Bother Me” is a valid reflection of the man who has that loner-type image. Ringo sings the fun throwaway, “I Wanna Be Your Man” that remedies the wimp-out that is “Till There Was You”. His vocal spotlight (and George’s too) increases the dimension to the Beatles sound. You get sweet harmonizing on “This Boy” and exuberance on the breathtaking “It Won’t Be Long”. Then there’s that hidden gem of John’s, “All I’ve Got to Do”, sung and played with a haunting undercurrent that compliments its lyric of subtle manipulation.

    Anything too polished sounding wouldn’t be rock and roll. This is imperfection at its most historic and exciting.

  5. Mark Winzeler says:

    Another record, reviewed by Mark Winzeler – Meet The BEATLES Vinyl LP Record
    The quality was everything that it was supposed to be. Very happy with turnaround and shipping. A very good experience.

  6. Roger says:

    Another record, reviewed by Roger – Meet The BEATLES Vinyl LP Record
    Received album Meet the Beetles in condition as described. Great music and great service through Amazon.


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