Band Of Gypsys (VINYL) plus another awesome record

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Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)

  • Rock

180 Gram/Audiophile pressing

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 20.98

Price: $ 14.89

Pink Floyd ” Dark Side Of The Moon ” 30th Anniversary VINYL Record Album








Stunningly Restored
from the ORIGINAL tapes!
side 1.

1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. On The Run
4. Time
5. The Great Gig In The Sky

side 2.

1. Money
2. Us And Them
3. Any Colour You Like
4. Brain Damage
5. Eclipse

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price:

Price: $ 27.99

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6 Responses to “Band Of Gypsys (VINYL) plus another awesome record”

  1. Caio Alexandre Zini says:

    Another record, reviewed by Caio Alexandre Zini – Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)
    This Hendrix Album is totally different from his work with the oustanding crew of the experience, but…I’m speecheless, this album is fantastic because it shows how creative and inovative this man was. He mixed Rock, Soul, Funk and psychodelia in one magnific formula. Buddy Miles is another kind of drummer, other style, so good as the master Mitch Mitchell, but his differencial is his groove and he’s a great singer in addition. Billy Cox is great on the bass, so, the only advice I give for the fans and for the people who search a new different sound, still modern although it was made in the 70’s close your eyes and buy this album. It’s a new experience so fantastic as hearing the album “Are You Experienced?” for the first time.

  2. Andre Nunes says:

    Another record, reviewed by Andre Nunes – Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)
    There is another version of this album by Classic Records, I’ve compared both vinyl editions on audiophile equipment, ok, Capitol’s red vinyl is quite charming, but Classic’s edition kicks ass (as usual). Clearer, heavier… so go for Classic if you want the ultimate sound!

  3. sotirios basiakos says:

    Another record, reviewed by sotirios basiakos – Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)
    This was one of my favorite records on CD. The guitar sounds are so awesome… On vinyl it’s even better. Amazing

  4. acquavinyl says:

    Another record, reviewed by acquavinyl – Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)
    Oh come on,,,this thing is great!!!!

    RED VINYL 180 gram and the original green capitol logo to boot.

    People diss colored vinyl because they think it sounds inferior and that black vinyl adds cleaning agents that colored vinyl doesn’t.

    All bushlig dahling~~~this thing sounds primo. Yes alot of older colored vinyl does sound crappy, but not much in 2010.

    Why oh why aren’t capitol & WB re-issues doing more high quality colored vinyl (WB are a little bit more now).

    Anyways, it’s cool to see 2 reviews from Europe….they know the **** over there.

    Alot of people don’t know that Hendrix would have never ever put this out (a live album was absurd ath the time).

    He had to because of a prior contract fulfillment to Capitol. That’s why there was only one major album by him on that label.

    I say one major because there was one minor one on the old capitol rainbow logo…aw crud..can’t remember the title though….it was for sure pre-Experience material (Curtis Knight?)

    I always thought that Dick Dale had something to with Jimi forced to do an LP on capitol.

    He was friends with Dale and Dale even taught him some techniques on the guitar around 1965.

    Dale recorded 6 albums for capitol and may have tied Jimi with an A&R guy before Jimi met Chas Chandler?

    Remember, he was a super duper struggling musician before “Hey Joe” became a hit.

    Alas, who knows?

    Buddy miles on vocals for the end of Machine Gun is the highlight for sure~~~so soulful


  5. Michael A. Albert says:

    Another record, reviewed by Michael A. Albert – Band Of Gypsys (VINYL)
    Get it while it’s hot. These “Capitol Vaults” reissues are a clear money-grab, especially the Radiohead LPs, but that being said, they are really nice. If you like rock music, you should probably own this document of Hendrix live at his peak. And it’s on red vinyl (or at least mine is). ‘Nuff said.

  6. Joel B. Dunn says:

    Another record, reviewed by Joel B. Dunn – Pink Floyd ” Dark Side Of The Moon ” 30th Anniversary VINYL Record Album
    I purchased this lp brand new and also have 4 different releases; 20th aniversary CD, 30th aniversary CD, and the 30th aniversary SACD mix. But this record sounds better than all of them it just has a much airier feel than even th 5.1 mix. It is a must have for any fan of true sound.

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