ELVIS PRESLEY “ELVIS” 2nd ALBUM 100% Heavyweight VINYL Record Album SEALED. Long Out Of Print plus one more wicked vinyl

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ELVIS PRESLEY “ELVIS” 2nd ALBUM 100% Heavyweight VINYL Record Album SEALED. Long Out Of Print

ELVIS PRESLEY “ELVIS” 2nd ALBUM Simply 100% Heavyweight Vergin VINYL Record Album SEALED. Full Color Reproduction of the Original Jacket w/ BONUS Tracks… – The 18 Tracks Are ….SIDE ONE…
1. Hound Dog,
2. Don’t Be Cruel,
3. Any Way You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be),
4. Rip It Up,
5. Love Me,
6. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again,
7. Long Tall Sally,
8. First In Line,
9. Paralyzed, …
1. So Glad You’re Mine,
2. Old Shep,
3. Ready Teddy,
4. Anyplace

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Forgiveness Rock Record

With the new album, the first Broken Social Scene record following the acclaimed Broken Social Scene Presents… series, the band decided it was time to try something new. As a core six-piece who had spent most of 2007 and 2008 on the road, Drew, Canning, Spearin, Whiteman, Goldberg and Peroff spent early 2009 working on new material in Toronto. The pairing down of the band’s massive personnel list for the first time proved extremely fruitful; they created spacious songs written as a band by a b

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Price: $ 20.97

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5 Responses to “ELVIS PRESLEY “ELVIS” 2nd ALBUM 100% Heavyweight VINYL Record Album SEALED. Long Out Of Print plus one more wicked vinyl”

  1. Dr. Rock says:

    Another record, reviewed by Dr. Rock – Forgiveness Rock Record [Vinyl]
    I’m very critical when it comes to modern indie rock. I feel like a lot of bands like to slip by on fads, cookie cutter copies and cornball music that is very for-the-moment (basically, music we’ll look back on and laugh at). Broken Social Scene is not one of those bands. Everything I’ve heard them put out has been fresh yet classic sounding. Aside from a few creative decisions made here and there, I’d say this album is a good example of music that was made to last.

    Track by track:

    “World Sick” – The first song I heard from this album, thanks to the people at stereogum. This brought back the classic sound that I felt was missing from the last two “Broken Social Scene Presents…” albums. (I know a lot of people will disagree with me here, but I much prefer the collective band releases over the Kevin Drew/Brendan Canning semi-solo affairs.) Anyway, this song is the perfect introduction to an epic album. (10/10)

    “Chase Scene” – I still don’t know if I’m completely sold on this song. The synths and drumming pattern is very current and fits in nicely with the popular indie trends but that is also the problem. It might sound good to some this year but who knows what we’ll think in 2011. (5/10)

    “Texico Bitches” – Probably the best song title on the album – a toe-tapper with a great hook. The vocals, instrumentation, and the Yoshimi-style yelps in the background make this an instantly likable track with a few twists and turns. (9/10)

    “Forced to Love” – The verse is pretty typical BSS (which is a good thing), then the chorus explodes as they tend to do on most of the songs this band puts out. Overall, a catchy song but there’s definitely better stuff to be heard on the album. (7/10)

    “All to All” – This is the first song on the album where the girls come out to sing. The ethereal, swelling harmonies are a perfect accent to the chorus. The song chugs along at a good pace and the vocals become catchier as it goes. The strings add a perfect layer. My favorite part is the end of the song where it’s practically A capella. (9/10)

    “Art House Director” – This is hands down my favorite track on the whole album. The horns are very Tom Jones sounding (which sounds like a horrible thing to say) but I get a very 70’s vibe from this song. I only hope Levi’s doesn’t buy this song and use it for a skinny jeans commercial. (10/10)

    “Highway Slipper Jam” – This is like theme music for making breakfast in the morning. It’s very low key and whispery with crisp production. It tends to meander but remains pleasant. (6/10)

    “Ungrateful Little Father” – The first half is very in your face with guitars, loud vocals, and weird robot noises. Then, the second half sounds like some kind of a space journey score. Oddly enough, I think I prefer the second half. (8/10)

    “Meet Me in the Basement” – To me, this sounds like what would happen if Broken Social Scene asked Andrew W.K. to join the band and let him compose a song. By that, I mean it sounds very uplifting and epic. Great instrumental track. (9/10)

    “Sentimental X’s” – The second all-girl song, this one didn’t catch me as much as the first. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good but in comparison… meh. The horn part is nice though. (7/10)

    “Sweetest Kill” – Another favorite of mine. The effect put on the vocals is airy and fits well. Everything seems to click with this song. (10/10)

    “Romance to the Grave” – The backup vocals are my favorite aspect of this song. If you want to know the definition of bliss, listen from 3:40 on. (10/10)

    “Water in Hell” – Maybe it’s just me but I thought after hearing Romance to the Grave this song paled in comparison. It’s not bad or anything, yet it sounds like something that might play in a bar, especially the country outro. Take from that what you will. (7/10)

    “Me and My Hand” – This is by far the most bizarre track on the album and an interesting closer. I read online that the band just simultaneously released a short EP of soundscapes entitled “Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights” and that this song was originally on it. I’m a huge fan of their ambient experiments, so I need to get that next! (10/10)

    I downloaded this album a little while ago so now I plan on grabbing it on vinyl when my local record store gets it back in stock – it sold out in one day! Anyway, thanks for reading and make sure to buy the new album.

  2. Andrew Vice says:

    Another record, reviewed by Andrew Vice – Forgiveness Rock Record [Vinyl]
    Not a fan of song-by-song reviews, so I’ll keep this brief. Anybody who is a fan of Broken Social Scene knows that their records are a true stylistic mash. You hear a little bit of everything from BSS, but they’re always tight and on-point when writing songs. The musicians are all talented players, so you can always count on a well-performed record, but Forgiveness is the first BSS album in a long while to scale back the band, and frankly, I think it benefits from that. Forgiveness recalls the genius of You Forgot It In People, with songs like All to All summoning the heartfelt melodrama of one of BSS’s best songs, Anthems of a Seventeen Year-Old Girl. True to BSS form, the album is a blend of pop songwriting and extended instrumental jamming, and as always, the songs are pertinent, topical, and sincere. Another great record for 2010, without a doubt, and the best BSS album in quite a while.

  3. Jason Miles says:

    Another record, reviewed by Jason Miles – Forgiveness Rock Record [Vinyl]
    I haven’t been this excited about an album in years. When I’m away from it, I miss it & can’t wait to hear it again. Everything about it, from the sounds, the lyrics, the emotions & moods it creates, it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been a Tortoise / Johnny Mcentyre fan for a long time time & Johnny’s production certainly has something to do w/ my love for this album, but this is my first Broken Social Scene record & it’s officially got me hooked. It’s mellow with movement, gentle but still keeps me grooving to it. Its got interesting instrumentation a wide variety of songs, great production…. I’ll just stop. buy it. support some great music.

  4. Mark Wiatrowski says:

    Another record, reviewed by Mark Wiatrowski – Forgiveness Rock Record [Vinyl]
    This is one of the greatest albums I’ve bought this year. Broken Social Scene, I’ve never heard of them. But now I feel sorry I haven’t heard them, ‘cuz this is a cool album!!!

  5. Carol Pezet says:

    Another record, reviewed by Carol Pezet – Forgiveness Rock Record [Vinyl]
    It might be just that. EVERY SINGLE SONG on here is fantastic. I’ve been listening to it on a loop since I got it and I just keep falling more and more in love with it. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

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