Good Mourning [Vinyl] plus one more amazing vinyl

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Good Mourning

Limited one-time double vinyl LP reissue of this 2003 album from the Chicago Alternative trio. Produced by the late Jerry Finn (AFI, Green Day, Blink 182, Morrissey), the band delivered another slice of dark, ominous Punk Rock with their signature twisted sound and lyrics. 14 tracks including ‘This Could Be Love’, ‘One Hundred Stories’ and ‘We’ve Had Enough’. Cobraside. 2008.Chicago’s Alkaline Trio rip off more playful emo punk on Good Mourning, as Matt Skiba’s profane poetry yields another

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5 Responses to “Good Mourning [Vinyl] plus one more amazing vinyl”

  1. punk by the book says:

    Another record, reviewed by punk by the book – Good Mourning [Vinyl]
    when i first got this cd, i already had from here to infirmiry and the hot water music split, so i was familiar with them.

    at first i only liked 3 or 4 songs on the album. but now, 2 years later, i love every song and i never skip a track. give this cd time to sink in. i DONT recomend getting this cd first.

    order of AT albums you should buy if you want to get into them:

    1. crimson (its the most appealing to all parties)

    2. from here to infirmiry (armaggedon, private eye, and stupid kid were the first songs i liked by them)

    3. good mourning (once you have the previously stated 2, you can appreciate and enjoy this album more)

    4. self titled (this isnt an album, but it lets you get a feel for their earlier stuff before buying MICF and GD)

    5. mayble ill catch fire (this album is totally different from the next albums they would release. this is probably their worst album, but i still love it.)

    6. goddamnit (this is a classic. if you learn to like MICF, you’ll be obsessed with this one)

    this is just a recomendation, whatever you decide, you cant go wrong with alkaline trio.

    back to the album

    1.this could be love- 9/10 – your typical alkaline trio formula. dark verse, catchy a bit more happy sounding chorus. this song has some sick lyrics though, consider yourself warned.

    2. we’ve had enough – 9/10 – an instant favorite. upbeat but dark verse, sing-a-long chorus. this song is sort of the anthem of the cd

    3. 100 stories – 8/10 – this song is one of those songs that just takes time to like. i LOVE it now, but again, it took me a while to get used to it. this song is sung by Dan, not Matt

    4. continental – 10/10 – this could easily be my favorite song on the album. beautiful guitar parts, genius melodies yet so simple.

    5. all on black – 10/10 – this is another stand-out track on the album and one you will like almost immediately. dark verse, dark chorus, very satanic lyrics. this song probably has the most genius bridge ive ever heard in my life

    6. emma – 8/10 – this is a song i just recently started liking, i dont understand why i skipped over it at first. the chorus is awesome. sung by dan

    7. fatally yours – 7/10 – this is another song i just recently started liking. this song has more punk roots and shows a bit more of alkaline trio’s old stuff. i love this song, i just gave it a 7 because i know it was my least favorite song on the album at first.

    8. every thug needs a lady – 8/10 – this is another song sung by Dan. this was one of my favorite songs when i first bought the album. this one is a bit more melodic and radio friendly

    9. blue carolina – 7/10 – another sung by Dan. this song is overrated. it is a good song, but there are so many claims that this is the greatest alkaline trio song ever. far from the truth. this one is a pretty average track

    10. donnes party (all night) – 7/10 – this song is good, but nothing compared to the other material this cd has to offer. nothing special

    11. if we never go inside – 8/10 – better than the last couple songs but still not the best song on the cd. this one is a bit more happy sounding especially on the chorus. sung by Dan.

    12. blue in the face – 9/10 – this song is acoustic. i love this song so much now, but i didnt think it was that great at first. the last verse at the end of the song is one of my favorite parts of the album. its a perfect way to end the cd

  2. R. Brown says:

    Another record, reviewed by R. Brown – Good Mourning [Vinyl]
    If Blink 182 and the original Misfits had a baby Alkaline Trio would be it. Imagine, if you will, catchy pop-punk tunes with dark overtones featuring lyrics covering subject matter such as murder, vampires, werewolves, cannibalism, pyromania, and bizarre love stories. This is a good starting place if you’re wanting to hear Alkaline Trio for the first time. My only complaint about this album is the bass player’s songs which are all kind of fluffy love songs that really don’t fit the mood of the album worth a damn. Aside from that though, this is a great solid album from a band that deserves some recognition.Key Songs: This Could Be Love, We’ve Had Enough, All On Black, Blue In the Face

  3. Ashleigh J says:

    Another record, reviewed by Ashleigh J – Good Mourning [Vinyl]
    Although Good Mourning is a little more ‘produced’ than their older albums it is still great none the less. I find it very consistent the whole way through with each song being as good as the next. It has some faster songs and a slow one at the end and the rest are still energetic and fun. I still think that some of their lyrics are beautiful, such as in All On Black and Fatally yours. If your a fan of their older music you might find it a tad too polished but I still found it very enjoyable and punk, and it’s one of my fav albums.

  4. punklover says:

    Another record, reviewed by punklover – Good Mourning [Vinyl]
    To all Alkaline Trio fans, this is a different record. Unlike the previous records (here to the infirmary, maybe ill catch fire, alkaline trio etc…) this cd was release on a huge record label, Vagrant, while the others were all released on Asian Man (kung-fu records) This cd is extremely produced in comparaison to other A3’s music. It is also less bass driven, which isnt good. Daniel and Matt do an awesome job switching off singing the songs. Its an awesome catchy cd if you liked the older stuff. i love this band- i saw them live…buy this cd!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another record, reviewed by – Good Mourning [Vinyl]
    I’ve been a fan for a while and have all their CDs and enjoy every single one of them. I’ve seen them live four times. And guess what? I love this album too. I won’t give any of you the cliched phrase, “their older stuff is better,” because I’m sure a lot of people have already said that. (not to mention it is not true)
    When you get use to older CDs they grow on you and become a part of you. So it’s hard not to accept newer albums from bands because eventually, like all bands, they mature.
    This CD far passed my expectations. The standout songs in my opinion are: Blue Carolina, Continental, Every Thug Needs a Lady and All On Black. What I really like on this CD is the split between Dan and Matt. Dan is really underated, his songs I love just as much as Matt’s. My favorite song from this album is Blue Carolina and is my favorite Dan song. To sum things up if you like Alkaline Trio from the past, you shouldn’t find a hard time enjoying this CD. If you are new to this band, the only advice I can give you is to buy all their albums. Because every single one is well written, well performed albums and they are definitly my favorite band in the past four years.

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