Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer

By , October 19, 2010 4:04 pm

Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer

  • USB connection for direct recording to your PC or MAC
  • Includes Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor to enhance & convert your music to MP3’s
  • Plays and records 33, 45 RPM & 78 RPM records
  • RCA Line-out to connect to your home stereo system
  • One-touch play and stop

Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer

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List Price: $ 120.69

Price: $ 57.99

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5 Responses to “Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer”

  1. Renaud Olgiati says:

    Another record, reviewed by Renaud Olgiati – Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer
    The turntable worked perfectly for the playing and recording of five, count them, five LP records, which allowed me to burn copies thereof onto CDs as planned, using Audacity under Linux.

    After which the USB interface of the turntable suddenly stopped working, and the appliance is now a costly and mostly useless encumbrance, although I can still use it as a small ship’s anchor, or to play LP records through the PC sound system; small consolation.

    Update: It is in use again, having added a Behringer UCA202 U-Control Audio Interface which gives USB output from the RCA jacks.

  2. Chewbacca says:

    Another record, reviewed by Chewbacca – Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer
    I bought one of these thinking the software may be easier to edit album to mp3, and it was a bit easier. However, that never happened because the first delicate drop of the needle onto an album resulted in the arm moving erratically across the first song…skipping and jumping and…scratching! Needless to say it ruined the album so I returned the turntable for another. Using a less loved album, this next one did the same thing! I ended up getting my money back and using some of it to buy a replacement for the great album that was ruined by this alluring and savage creature called Vinyl Writer. I wanted to give this 0 stars, but I guess 1 is the minimum.

  3. dr. t says:

    Another record, reviewed by dr. t – Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer
    I bought the grace usb recordable turntable and the needle just slides all over the place. There is NO adjustment for needle pressure on this piece of plastic. I even tried taping a penny to the top of the arm and that didn’t help.

    What a waste of money

  4. Kable Guy says:

    Another record, reviewed by Kable Guy – Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer
    My title suggests that I’m going up against all of the negative reviews but they are WRONG! I have always been able to digitize LP’s, 45’s, 78’s through a series of turntable (that always produced a terrible hum) connected to a powered audio device (i.e. tape recorder) then out to an iMike rig directly into my Mac. Then cleaned it up with Sound Soap 2 (another GREAT product).

    But then I saw this turntable and I took a chance despite all the negative nonsense. It turns out that I have been able to not only successfully capture whole albums to my Mac but almost haven’t had to clean them up (but do so when the recordings are really bad), and there is no hum. I also use Garage Band to make the initial recording where they can also be edited and sent directly to iTunes which Audacity can’t do. Another great feature is that when the record reaches the end it doesn’t suddenly cut off short as it might with automatic turntables. One more thing. The cartridge arm lowers itself down ever-so-gently. This is almost a professional machine.

    I think the other reviews either bought defective products or simply don’t know how to use them. One other possibility is that the competition is writing bad reviews. You never know.

    So I just want to say take the chance with this product. With a little experimentation and finesse you’ll have fun and you won’t be sorry.

    Kable Guy

  5. The Bard, Darkharp says:

    Another record, reviewed by The Bard, Darkharp – Mini Turntable Vinyl Writer
    I made a mistake in impulse buying this turntable. I haven’t tried using this to record my vinyl to mp3s, I have a feeling I would be frustrated in doing so. This turntable skips all over when playing some of my 45s, 7 inches, and even on a few 12 inch records. It seems very random on what records it skips around on, vinyl weight seems to have no bearing on this. I’ll be buying a new turntable ASAP, as my old all in one cd player/turntable/tapedeck I got for half the price outperforms this turntable in all but volume. I had to run an alternate set of speakers and a subwoofer maxed out on bass to get -any- bass sound at all. Don’t waste your time or sanity on this product.

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