PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION FOR SALE. (Mussorgsky). [Vinyl LP]. plus another great vinyl!

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Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System

  • Home stereo system with AM/FM receiver, CD player, turntable and USB player
  • Built-in, full-size, 3-speed belt-driven stereo turntable
  • Motorized, drawer loading compact disc player; CD-R/RW playback compatible
  • USB player/recorder function
  • Full function remote control

Take a stroll down memory lane with Emerson’s NR134 Heritage Series Home Stereo System. The NR134 blends nostalgic styling with the latest features, giving you the best of both worlds. The beautiful high gloss wood veneer cabinetry offers a vintage look mimicking classic style vinyl record players. The 4-in-1 classic music player allows you to play your entire collection of vinyl records, CDs, digital files via USB and even your favorite AM or FM radio stations. It features a ceramic jeweled

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List Price: $ 129.99

Price: $ 92.09

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5 Responses to “PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION FOR SALE. (Mussorgsky). [Vinyl LP]. plus another great vinyl!”

  1. Trip Vontaine says:

    Another record, reviewed by Trip Vontaine – Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System
    I got this as a present for my mother for christmas! I was apprehensive about getting a unit like this because reading reviews on simalar items it seemed that the CD player would either be broken or crap out prematurly. My mother has used this unit every day and it looks great and sounds great in the living room!

    Pro’s: Looks great, the actualy record player parts arent to chintsy, the sound out of the speakers are actually really good, picks up radio stations very well, USB hook up it splendid, has a head phone jack, easy to figure out, remote is very easy to use.

    Con’s: Record player sounds like it did back in the day, so if your looking for immaculate sound i wouldn’t recomend it! Although it has great sound, there isn’t a hookup for additional speakers, for surround sound. When you hook up ur MP3 player or IPOD to the unit u loose control of what you get to play- which works for me becuase i’m a big fan of shuffle. It just goes from where ever you left off- playlist or whatever.

    If you just want a unit that will play your Records,CD’s, MP3 & Radio it does this very well. But if you want a unit that will do more with a record than remenice to what they used to sound like then don’t bother!

  2. P. Palmer says:

    Another record, reviewed by P. Palmer – Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System
    This is just an unbelievable product and for less than $110.The turntable works beautifully,I played records that I haven’t heard in 10 years or more.The over all sound is great,and the cabinet is quite attractive.The radio and dvd player,both work fine.The only negative, is the remote wasn’t in the box.I emailed them and they responded the next day,and told me the remote was on the way.the remote got here fairly fast and everything is fine.I’ve 2 other Emerson products and both work extremely well.A very good product…. I use this in my computer room and is all the stereo I need-.

  3. G-Dude says:

    Another record, reviewed by G-Dude – Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System
    This product arrived damaged, but one look at how it is made showed me that it never stood a chance of surviving the rigors of shipment. Don’t waste your money – TEAC makes a much better system.

    I must point out, however, that Amazon did an amazing job of handling the return and the refund!

  4. Harry Zelinka says:

    Another record, reviewed by Harry Zelinka – Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System
    I purchased this item on August 6, 2010. When I unpacked it and set it up, the turntable did not work properly. The platform wobbled and it made an annoying scrapping sound with each revolution. I returned the item and ordered another one of the same model. I received it on August 20, 2010 and set it up as before. The platform on the turntable wobbled just as the previous one had and made the same annoying scrapping noise. I sent this one back as well. Also, the FM antenna was too short to receive quality stereo broadcasts. The CD player worked very well and the sound quality was quite good.

    I believe there is an engineering flaw in the design of this unit. If they can fix that problem and lengthen the antenna, I would purchase it.

  5. Thelma L says:

    Another record, reviewed by Thelma L – Emerson NR134 Heritage Home Stereo System
    After reading reviews of various systems, I decided to order this one. Front settings were very difficult to read because they were the same color as the background. Then about 2 weeks after I set it up I tried the record player and found it didn’t work. Very disappointing!

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