The Best of The Ink Spots-Vinyl Record plus another great record

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The Best of The Ink Spots-Vinyl Record

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Electric Ladyland (2 Vinyl)

  • 2010 Experience Hendrix

Electric Ladyland is widely considered The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s crowning achievement and focuses attention on Hendrix’s abilities as singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. This stunning collection provides the earliest insight into Hendrix’s “Sky Church” concept with featured guest appearances by Steve Winwood, Jack Casady, Al Kooper, Chris Wood, and Buddy Miles. Features 16 of the most enduring Hendrix classics including “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” “Crosstown Traffic,” “Gypsy Eye

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5 Responses to “The Best of The Ink Spots-Vinyl Record plus another great record”

  1. Nicholas Adams says:

    Another record, reviewed by Nicholas Adams – The Best of The Ink Spots-Vinyl Record
    One thing I’ve noticed while looking for vinyl on was that there are never any tracklistings for the albums on display. I own this album, ‘The Best of The Ink Spots’, and love it very much. That being said, I thought it’d be nice for those of you who are looking to get some of the Ink Spots on vinyl to know what songs are on this two-record set, so here it is:


    side one

    1. If I Didn’t Care

    2. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

    3. My Prayer

    4. Whispering Grass (Don’t Tell The Trees)

    5. It’s Funny To Everyone But Me

    6. I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

    side two

    1. To Each His Own

    2. Do I Worry?

    3. Address Unknown

    4. Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat

    5. Street Of Dreams

    6. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore


    side one

    1. The Gypsy

    2. Maybe

    3. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano

    4. Please Take A Letter Miss Brown

    5. Until The Real Thing Comes Along

    6. Time Out For Tears

    side two

    1. I Cover The Waterfront

    2. We’ll Meet Again

    3. Java Jive

    4. No Orchids For My Lady

    5. I’ll Never Smile Again

    6. It Is No Secret (Bill Kenny of The Ink Spots and The Song Spinners)

    Honestly, this is a great compilation of songs and I feel so fortunate to have ‘The Best Of The Ink Spots’ in my vinyl collection. If you want to know who these guys were and what they sounded like (and if you love listening to records as much as I do), this is a must have! No joke!

  2. Ahti Ekholm says:

    Another record, reviewed by Ahti Ekholm – Electric Ladyland (2 Vinyl)
    I just got it! I have been waiting this moment for over 30 years! Yes, the all analog mastering has it all, and pressing is excellent. The sound is from another planet than in CD. Just feel the magic of Jimi Hendrix on vinyl!

    Regards, Hendrix for ever…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another record, reviewed by – Electric Ladyland (2 Vinyl)
    I have owned the original Reprise release for many years until it got to a point to where I could not listen to the vinyl. The 2 vinyl version is the best way to hear Jimi Hendrix’s guitar work and his vision of each song on the album.

    I purchased the CD version and it is alright,but lacks the true distortion and the sound effects going from one speaker to another.

    If you can get the vinyl version, GRAB IT1 you will not be disappointed.

    Brian Knowles

    Auburn WA

  4. Dan Plankton says:

    Another record, reviewed by Dan Plankton – Electric Ladyland (2 Vinyl)
    The cover sticker promises an all-analog remaster by Jimi’s original engineer (Eddie Kramer). It’s two nice slabs of 180g vinyl and probably about the only way you can get a copy of Electric Ladyland in analog sound with no pops or crackles. This does have a bright clear sound, and I noticed a lot of detail I never noticed on my old Reprise vinyl copy. Still, this new version doesn’t top the original — analog or not, it’s actually a bit too bright-sounding. I’m thinking Eddie Kramer at his age has likely lost some high end on his hearing, and so the new master seems to compensate by bringing out that sound — it’s not remixed, but somehow it accents the high end more. But as a Hendrix nut, I view this as an interesting “retake” — a new way to hear an old favorite album. I know I’ll go back to my Reprise copy more than this one, but I’m glad to have this one.

  5. acquavinyl says:

    Another record, reviewed by acquavinyl – Electric Ladyland (2 Vinyl)
    Yes, this is Hendrix’s 2nd greatest album (after Are You Experienced?).

    If you use your imagination, this could have made Experienced seem like a practice album.

    All they had to do is do what The Beatles did and put 30 great songs on a double LP.

    There would have been 6 or 7 short songs on each side. Classics in the vein of fire, purple haze etc. etc.

    You can’t take anything from this LP, but it could have been so much more important.

    Voodoo chile blues is 12 minutes too long and alot of that gibberish on side 3 was a waste.

    He’d kept red house down to a three mintue 39 second song….CLASSIC!

    He took too many drugs so it was a stoned out, dragged out album.

    Jimi told everyone it was gonna be a double LP. They were that good, this LP should have been so much more.

    Maybe Fisrt Rays would have been a better 2 LP set but the greed kings at warners wanted a single LP to milk the material.

    Anyways, this sure is a killer Lp if you strip it to one vinyl record.

    Too bad the front cover sucks and it’s the rear cover that rocks???

    Santana/Buddy Miles LIVE LP even copied this stupid front cover with the red fire theme YIK!


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