Volume Two [Vinyl]

By , May 25, 2010 2:14 am

Volume Two

  • 2010 Merge Records

What began as a fascinating, no-strings-attached collaboration on 2008’s Volume One has evolved into a bona fide, touring band, and She & Him are here to stay. Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward are a comfortable and complementary musical pair; hearing them again on Volume Two feels like getting together with two old friends. This time, the harmonies have grown more angelically layered, the string arrangements more dramatic, the songwriting even sharper and more confident. All songs (except 4 and 7)

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3 Responses to “Volume Two [Vinyl]”

  1. Flap Jackson says:

    Another record, reviewed by Flap Jackson – Volume Two [Vinyl]
    Lately there’s been a Renaissances of actresses becoming singers. But while Scarlett Johansson has the soul, Zooey Deschanel has the indie cred & the great music. But while Deschanel provides the sunny vocals, M. Ward is the true master of the album, creating all the complex harmonies and complementing the sunny vocals with equally sunny music. Some duos were just meant to be together, and She & Him are one of them. If anything, it establishes Zooey as a 70s AM Pop Gold Goddess in the 00s/10s.

    Highlights Include:


    In The Sun

    Ridin’ In My Car


    She & Him are great at establishing the mood and feel of this album. It has a classical feel, while still sounding current, and it still knows how to maintain its charm throughout the whole project. But still, if I had a criticism, it would be that the album has an extreme lack of variety. But though the case may be, the album does it perfectly. Plus, M. Ward does a pretty good job distracting you with his complex & layered harmonies, at which he is a master with.

    Overall, Volume Two could be one of the greatest Spring albums of all time, or at least for this Spring. It carries all the feelings of the season, from the carefree sunniness, to the quest and joy of Love. Of course, I’ll admit it right now, I’m kind of partial since Zooey Deschanel is my favorite actress, and I’ve always appreciated M. Ward’s work. But in any case, the two come together perfectly again, even if there is a lack of variet. But rest assured, She & Him have flashes of briliance, and they’re well worth a listen.

    Real Score: 4.5

  2. Jeffrey L. Giltenboth says:

    Another record, reviewed by Jeffrey L. Giltenboth – Volume Two [Vinyl]
    Quite simply it doesn’t work this time. The first LP was enjoyable although as I said in another review it under-utilized Ward. Well this is the case here and now I can add to the criticism that Deschanel doesn’t have what it takes. The songs are sophomoric and barely alive. Go it alone Matt, please.

  3. John Beacham says:

    Another record, reviewed by John Beacham – Volume Two [Vinyl]
    Some will say this album is the most retro sounding thing they’ve heard in years or the freshest. I think it’s a nice combination of both. The abundance of good memorable tunes make this a wonderful LP to spin, and on vinyl is definitely the ultimate way to experience it’s great 60’s style production. Side One is the stronger of the 2 sides, great from start to finish. Zooey D. does’nt posess the technical firepower of many of today’s “over the top” female vocalists, but she plays it simple and hearfelt. And she wrote most of these songs which makes it all the more impressive. Her approach, along with great backing vocals and solid instrumentation suit these songs well. Laying the needle down in these sumptious grooves is like taking a trip back in time when melody and feel meant everything. This album is pure excapism. Most importantly, the songs seems to be stuck in your head for days after listening, which is what great record making is all about.

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